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A Navy of Six
Reading a table

In March 1794, Congress authorized six frigates to be built. Compare Constitution to the other ships by reading the table and answering the questions below.

1. (a)
Which ship was launched first? United States
(b) About how many months sooner than the next ship was it launched? About four months
2. (a) Which ships were launched in the same year as Constitution? United States and Constellation
  (b) Where were they built? Philadelphia and Baltimore
3. (a) Which ship was the most expensive to build? Constellation
  (b) How much more expensive was she than Constitution? $11,493
  (c) Which of these two ships carried more guns? Constitution
4. (a) What was the total cost to America to build all of these ships? $1,485,101
  (b) About how many years did it take to build them? About 3 years

Have on Hand– photocopies of blank worksheet

Blank Worksheet (pdf)

Ask the class to use the information in the table to create a math problem to exchange with classmates. For example, if you had $600,000, which ships could you afford to build? Let the problem makers show the answers on an overhead projector.

Kitty Flammang
Curriculum Program Support Teacher
School District of Beloit, WI


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