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Constitution Concentration
A game of memory and matching pairs

These cards can be used to play Constitution Concentration and, then, sequenced to create a time line of the events that lead up to the launching of Constitution. The concentration game is best played in small groups. Students begin with all 16 cards face down on the floor or table. One student turns up two cards. If the date and the event match (both cards have the same image on them), the student keeps the pair and takes another turn. When he or she turns up an unmatching pair, both cards are turned down again, and the next student takes a turn. The student with the most pairs wins. To make the game easier, let students play with the cards face up; to make the game more challenging, make the jokers wild or color over the images.
Constitution Concentration Cards


Have on Hand– scissors and photocopies of the "Constitution Concentration Cards"

Concentration Cards (pdf)

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