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USS Constitution, Johnson

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A Retirement Job for “Old Ironsides”
A memory-building team activity

Assemble the spinner using the student activity worksheet and divide the class into two teams. Allow students time to study Constitution’s Retirement Fact Sheet. Then ask them to put it away.Have teams take turns spinning. Wherever the spinner lands, the opposite team must provide the facts. Teams get one point for each fact they provide. Before playing, decide how many points are needed to win the game. Suggest that students divide their teams into smaller groups with each group choosing a different mission in Constitution’s retirement to memorize. Students can take “Spin to Win” home to play with family or friends.

Have on Hand- scissors, brass fasteners, paper clips and photocopies of blank worksheet from “A Retirement Job for ‘Old Ironsides’” and “Constitution’s ‘Retirement’ Fact Sheet”

Blank Worksheet- Spinner (pdf)
Constitution's "Retirement" Fact Sheet (pdf)

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