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USS Constitution, Johnson

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Which is Bigger, Constitution or Your School?
Measuring and computing

Compare the size of Constitution to things around you by filling in the blanks below. (Show computations below or on back)

1. (a) How long is Constitution? 204 feet
  (b) How wide at the beam? 43 1/2 feet
2. (a) Which is wider, your classroom or Constitution? answers vary
  (b) How much wider? answers vary
3. (a) About how many times the length of your classroom is Constitution? answers vary
  (b) The length of your classroom is what fraction of the length of Constitution? answers vary
4. (a) How thick is Constitution's hull at the waterline? 25 inches
  (b) How thick is your desk? answers vary
  (c) How much thinner in inches is your desk than Constitution's hull? answers vary
  (d) extra credit: express the thickness of your desk as a percent of the thickness of Constitution's hull. answers vary As a fraction. answers vary As a decimal. answers vary

Have on Hand– photocopies of blank worksheet and several tape measurers

Blank Worksheet (pdf)

I had classes convert (Constitution's measurements) to metric."

Wright Faatz, 8th grade
Greely Junior High School
Cumberland Center, ME


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The USS Constitution


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